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        About Jamboree Weekend

Welcome to Jamboree Weekend!

A 5-event destination experience of 4 days (3 nights) for those who enjoy traveling to and exploring tropical destinations. Or those that enjoy the fancy cocktails with the umbrella by the pool bar.  Or how about those who love a good party, filled with great energy and energetic people under the Caribbean sun.

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Team Jamboree consists of young Caribbean entrepreneurs and professionals all sharing the same passion for doing everything Caribbean. Imagine a dynamic, vivacious team bursting with energy and enthusiasm, always ready to turn any occasion into a memorable party. They thrive on adventure and exploration, embracing new experiences and cultures with open arms. 

Whether it's hitting the dance floor at local hotspots, or jet-setting to exotic destinations, this group radiates an infectious zest for life. Their passion for travel is matched only by their love for each other, as they forge unbreakable bonds while creating unforgettable memories around the globe. With their outgoing personalities and boundless sense of fun, this team is the epitome of wanderlust and camaraderie, spreading joy and excitement wherever they go.

This is Jamboree Weekend – an opportunity to mix and mingle with new faces, and dance like no one’s watching on the beautiful island of St. Kitts.

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