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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, so you know we have the answers!

What does my package include?

All packages include- Room,  Round trip transportation, All access pass to all events, Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner), Complimentary Drinks ( Drink plan must be selected at check out), T-Shirt / Crop Top, Swag Bag,  Jouvert Package


Can two persons stay in a single occupancy room? Can three persons stay in a double occupancy room?

Unfortunately no. The room types are reflective of the number of persons that the reservation can accommodate (these restrictions are set in place by the hotel itself, we do not have control over this)

  • Single occupancy- 1 person
    • Double occupancy-  2 persons

    • Triple occupancy- 3 persons

    • Quad occupancy- 4 persons

Individuals who are not on the room reservation will not be permitted to attend our events


Are flights included?

No.  Attendees are responsible for booking their own flights


What airport do I fly into?

The airport code for St. Kitts/Basseterre airport is SKB


How do I get to the resort?

Round trip airport transfers are included in your package


What do I do once my flight is booked?

Once you have purchased a round trip flight, please send an email to with your flight details (Airline, Flight number, date or arrival and departure).


Can I stay at a different hotel and attend the events?

Unfortunately this experience is exclusively available to those who book with us via the Jamboree Weekend website


How will I be identified as a Jamboree Weekend guest?

All our of attendees will be given a special wrist band that must be worn for the duration of your stay.


Is this event open to locals on island?

The event is open to persons who book accommodations to the hotel via the Jamboree Weekend website. Guests can not make reservations on their own, nor are they able to attend on an event only basis.


How do we set up/ pay for the payment plan option?

Whichever payment plan option you have selected at check out, the credit card on the reservation will be charged that amount, once per month. If you are sharing a room, please make arrangements with your roommate(s) to ensure that your account is adequately funded by your payment due date.

Please review our terms & conditions which lists all information for late fees, grace periods, etc.


Can one person on the reservation purchase the Drink Package Upgrade solely?

No, If one person on the reservation purchases the upgrade all persons on the reservation must upgrade as well.  This is to avoid sharing a single package amongst multiple guests.

Please note- The Drink Package Upgrade is $100 per person per day (a total of $300 per person).

We are available to assist with any other questions, comments or concerns daily from 9 am to 6 pm EST

Use the "Let's Chat" option on the web page or send an email to

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